Below are the examples given on the noun clause in this site. Try to find the noun clause and identify how it is used in the sentence.

  • His belief that some day he would succeed made him determined.
  • How he could assist me was his concern.
  • Whether we can start next week seems uncertain.
  • That you did so surprises me.
  • What I said was true.
  • I cannot tell what has become of him.
  • When he will return is uncertain.
  • Why Anne hung herself is mystery.
  • Please tell me why you did this.
  • She denied that she met him yesterday.
  • I do not know when she will return.
  • Her constant belief was that the infant might live.
  • I asked the man how old he was.
  • He says that he won’t leave.
  • You shall never forget this, that honesty is the best policy.
  • I hoped that it was not true.
  • All of us are so keen that you should succeed.
  • Tell me where you like to live.
  • Nobody knows who he is.
  • There were no complaints except that the start was bit too late.
  • Pay attention to what I am now going to say.
  • There is no meaning in what you said.
  • Life is what we make it.
  • It was unfortunate that you were sick that day.
  • Her confession that you found the money in the street will not be believed.
  • They felt very sorry that they lost the match at the end.
  • It is feared that they will not return.
  • Ask if he is at office.
  • My wish is that I may please you.
  • His great fear is that he may not succeed.
  • My belief is that she will not come.
  • This is where I live.
  • The sick man was sure that he would recover someday.
  • The boy was afraid that he would fall down.
Noun Clause: Examples
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